How to make the Cooked Chili Oil

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The Cooked Chili Oil, a featured seasoning of the Han majority, is widely used in the Sichuan cuisines. Almost every family can make it. The cooked chili oil actually is made of chili powder and boiled oil. It is the first choice to make Sichuan snacks and cold dishes for its bright red color and rich fragrance.

How to make the Cooked Chili Oil


1.Add the chili powder,sesame,star anise,cinnamon,amomum tsao-ko into a ceramic or glass container.Make sure the container should be deep enough in order that the oil will not overflow.

2.Heat the oil until 90 percent hot,turn off the heat and wait for 15 seconds.Pour the oil in.

3.Wait the chili powder to be mixed thoroughly with the boiled oil.

4.Done! Store the Cooked Chili Oil in the fridge when it's cool down. 


1.There are two kinds of chili powder, choose the thick chili powder for stir fry the food while the thin chili powder is used for cold dish or snacks.

2.Choose rapeseed oil instead of cooking oil if possible which makes the cooked chili oil better fragrance. The proportion of chili powder and oil is between 1:2 and 1:4.

3.According to personal taste, Sichuan pepper can be added to make the chili oil pungent and spicy.

4.Use medium or low heat to heat the oil, the oil needs to be cool down for a few seconds before pour into the chili powder.

5.Cover the container and store it in the fridge for a few days, it will taste much better.