Chengdu Cooking Class

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Learn to Cook Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

Local food reflects the local culture. The food civilization in Chengdu is the vivid reflection of local life and the citizen’s characters or attitudes. To have a deep understanding of Chengdu and its gourmet, Chengdu Cooking Class is your best choice - Learn authentic sichuan home-style cuisines and make new friends in the same camp!

Our Regular Cooking Class calendar covers almost the most typical and famous top 5 cuisines. We will show you how to cook the most popular Sichuan Cuisines in a simple way, and you can have a cooking practice under the chef’s face to face instructions.

Enjoy cooking and start an unforgettable experience from Chengdu Cooking Class! Want to learn more cuisines?Please click our Private Cooking Class to get more details.

Private Dinner

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An unique dining experience at a normal Chinese family. The chef will prepare and cook the typical Chinese cuisines in front of you. Meanwhile the cooking experience and the relevant traditional Chinese culture will be introduced to you. Thereafter you will share the dishes with your friends in a traditional Chinese way.
Please click Private Dinner Page to get more details.


Choose your recipes for Private Cooking Class or customize your own menu for Private Dinner

Domestic Helper & Italian Desserts Cooking Series

Foodie Tour

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   We could guide you a deep foodie tour in Chengdu, showing you the various interesting local foods and telling you the stories behind the food while tasting them. Please click Foodie Tour Page to get more details.